Wedding invitations: what info do they carry, and how are they written?

Fashion Designer Guillermo Pharis shares some thoughts and recommendations on dealing with a critical notification to let them know to save the date: Your wedding invitation!

With wedding invitations, you are informing your guests of all the details of your big event. In them you will mention the day, time and place they should go to witness the ceremony and attend the party, you can also add more information such as the gift table number, a map to get there quickly, dress code, etc.

The know-how and proper protocol of the wedding invitations is one duty on your tasks and to-do list to organize your special day. As we proceed with the preparations, you have to make progress in choosing the design and counting the guest list to determine how many wedding invitations to order! 

If you hired professionals dedicated to printing invitations, most likely they already have pre-defined templates and texts, that’s great news! You have minimized some of your workloads. And being with an expert, they will for sure do an excellent job for you.

On the other hand, if you must write the text and also look for designs, oh-oh, you have some homework to do. Indeed, by now, surely you’ve already been invaded by doubts about how to accommodate the bride and groom’s names in the invitation. So what do we really need to write? How to write an elegant wedding invitation and how to write an informal invitation? Do not worry! To solve your doubts, Guillermo Pharis will share some insights to help you get an idea of where that information goes, how to write it and, how to distribute it in the invitation.

What information should the wedding invitations have?

The following information must be SUPER clear:

  • The names of the bride and groom
  • The respective names and titles of mother and father
  • The wedding day
  • The exact time
  • Ceremony venue
  • The names of the godparents (optional)
  • City, State, and Year.

We should mention the wedding day with the corresponding day of the week, and it’s suggested that the entire date be written in letters, as well as the time—for example, Saturday, November 14, at six in the afternoon. In the informal text, you can write with numbers. For example, Saturday, November 14 at 6:00 P.M.

 You can always add your touch to your wedding invitations. You can add a thank you note, a text referring to marriage, a biblical quote, or something meaningful to you! The purpose of the invitation is to provide the information about the event, how you’ll do it is up to you and your groom.

Your wedding invitations can be formal or informal, which has to do totally with the couple’s personality and the type of event they are going to have. In formal ones, the tone in which the text should be merely solemn. In the informal ones, the reader is more casual, or it can even be with a touch of humor.

If you are doubtful about how many invitations you should order for your wedding, there is a way to determine the approximate number of invitations you will require. You don’t need to make the same number of invitations as the number of guests you will have at your wedding because you must consider that you should send only one invitation per family or one per couple.

Remember to save one for yourself! Unfortunately, it is common for the bride and groom to forget to keep one as a good memory :), don’t make this mistake!

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