The Perfect Wedding After COVID-19 Pandemic?

New normality? Ideas for a pandemic wedding

Undoubtedly, this 2020 and 2021 have not given us rest with so many surprises. Although there is a constant fight to reduce infections by COVID-19, the reality is that the whole world has been affected by this virus.

Many of the bride and groom around the world have been affected, having to postpone their wedding day, in the hope of being able to celebrate the most important day of their lives in a big way. Some couples have chosen to seek safe and some other highly symbolic alternatives, seeking to preserve the health of their loved ones and themselves.

Celebrating more intimately or virtually has been one of the most used options by the bride and groom. Although we are not used to this, we must adapt to our new normality. However, suppose you have still decided to get married “in person” in 2021. In that case, we invite you to see our catalog and our article – In addition, tips and what it would be like! Which is perfect to complement this website full of ideas.

Unfortunately, we are going through a time full of uncertainty, worry, and stress. And although we know that the best we can do is to stay at home, we must adapt to our new normality, and we must learn to make the most of this situation. And what better way to get the best out of this time than organizing your wedding and reviewing the little details that will make a big difference!

If you were proposed at the end of 2019, you are just in time to see your wedding preparations and also … A little secret! Many of our stores have thrown the house out of the window during pandemic times, putting their products at incredible prices! It’s not all that bad, huh? Now, if you are a couple who do not care how to celebrate your wedding, if it’s something small or large, with many or few guests: what matters to them, your friends and family, is your happiness. It’s perfect!

They’ve wondered what it would be like to get married in the middle of a pandemic, right? Below we’ll give you a brief summary and a few tips that could help you.

1.- Find out about everything you can! It’s normal that many of the services and products (catering, music, etc…) have been restricted for obvious reasons. Find out if any of them have decided to cut back or stop their activities altogether.

2.- Clear all your doubts with the providers you decided to hire for your wedding.

3.- Make the necessary calls to find out what prevention measures will be used by the church and/or the civil registry. (Many of them may not answer on the first call, keep calm)

4.- Keep the communication channel open with your guests, friends, and family.

5.-Think positive

6.-Take your necessary prevention and health measures.

7.- Listen, analyze and decide. If you have been offered options to change the wedding date or decrease the number of guests, do not make the decision right away … Talk it over and make a decision with yourself and your loved ones in mind.