What to expect during your wedding day?
By Guillermo Pharis

No matter how sure you are of having everything under control, on your wedding day, you will surely go through some of the following situations that I am going to tell you in this article. But don’t worry, everything has a solution.

It’s a fact that you spent so much time taking care of the preparations for your wedding. You need to be aware of even the smallest detail, so that everything turns out perfect.

Take this in mind: everything will seem more severe than it is.
Even if you have been planning this moment for months, you probably feel that you’ll not be on time with everything on your wedding day. For example, the hairdresser may take longer than expected. Perhaps the make-up is not as good as in the test you did previously. The dress is wrinkled, you may cry a little bit, and you might feel overwhelmed with so many people greeting you.

A good idea to be more relaxed and avoid having that overwhelming feeling is to dedicate time for yourself and blow some steam from time to time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the moment. 

Even if small unforeseen events arise in the moments before the great event of your life, if you take them calmly and patiently, you will surely solve them satisfactorily without causing you any kind of damage. Whatever it is, try to take it with humor and a lot of calm. If you think it this way, the guests may not even know what happened. And whatever happens, it shouldn’t cost you your big day.

Remember to eat something!

Nerves and last-minute details will make you miss one of the most important things you should do: eat. Even if you don’t feel hungry or think you can’t waste time on it with all that remains to be done, you must make a stop along the way and eat well. Keep in mind that the night will be long, and you cannot allow yourself to feel bad. You will surely consume alcohol at the party and spend a lot of energy serving the guests, dancing and running from here to there. Therefore, it is essential that you feel solid and arriving on an empty stomach to the party is the worst thing that can happen to you, try to avoid it.

You will cry… and you can’t help it!

Whether it’s happiness, relief, or all of those things together, the truth is that you will cry for sure. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared for the tornado of feelings that will be unleashed that night and ask your makeup artist to use waterproof makeup, have a tissue handy, and remember that rubbing your eyes is prohibited!

So much love will overwhelm you.

Seeing so many people together celebrating this special day in your life with you can be overwhelming. Try to exchange a few words with each of them and visit all the tables to greet them. They will appreciate this gesture of attention.

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