Welcome Cocktails: Ideas to have a great wedding!

The wedding welcome cocktail is the prelude to the grand celebration and refers to a time used to entertain the guests after the ceremony and before the party. In this preamble, guests are offered drinks and snacks for their tasting and some musical accompaniment that harmonizes the moment.

During this time:

  • The appropriate time is allowed for guests to arrive at the ceremony.
  • Guests break the ice and greet each other.
  • The guests refresh themselves with a drink and eat an aperitif.
  • The bride and groom take the opportunity to take photos. It could be a wedding photo session or family photos.
  • And of course, the bride and groom can greet all the guests!

How to organize the welcome cocktail?

Guillermo Pharis share some tips on how to tackle this logistic challenge! Irrespectively of the reception or the party, they are equally important. They’re at different places compared to where the main event (dinner, dance, etc.) occurs. Arrange furniture so that people can easily socialize, that’s it, alongside some tables for the guests to place their drinks and some seats. That will be enough to have a harmonious day.


Since most of the guests will be standing, they’ll get tired, so the cocktail hour shouldn’t take too long. Therefore, we recommend that the duration takes around 40 to 60 minutes. Don’t forget: it must be taken into account, of course, that the decoration, food, and drinks, must go according to the style of the wedding!

If you decide to have a welcome cocktail at your wedding, in this post, you will find several ideas and tips by Guillermo Pharis to make it a success.

Decoration, chairs, and tables

High tables are ideal because they take up little space and are comfortably at the height of the guests to place their drinks there. As for the decoration, choose a small flower vase that goes accordingly (you do not have to fill it with objects because there must be enough free space for drinks!). Just remember that they must follow the wedding decoration style, which is super important – Guillermo Pharis said.

Consider having some comfortable seating for the older party guests. Depending on the wedding style (modern, rustic, boho), you can choose lounges or very romantic armchairs for those who need a little break. 

We recommend a confined and comfortable space if the reception is during the day and in the open air. For example, a wooded place, perhaps naturally shaded, or some umbrellas placed alongside the tables.

It is essential to offer some appetizers to your guests. Keep in mind that they will indeed not have eaten for at least three hours, so it’s a good touch on the part of the hosts to offer snacks to welcome the guests of the party.

Another imperative detail of your event! The idea is to offer creative and refreshing drinks for the guests. For example, one idea is to provide the couple’s favorite drinks or offer cocktails named after their names!

If you need ideas, Guillermo Pharis gives you the list of some cocktails you can serve to your guests:

  • Mimosa with sorbet (A.K.A “water ice” ): A sorbet with champagne. You can use delicious raspberry ice cream accompanied with some natural raspberries.
  • Flushed Bride: a very showy drink made with peach liqueur, grenadine, and champagne, decorated with a spike of lavender.
  • Mojito-style shots: the classic mojito served in a chaser or small glass, garnished with lemon wedges and fresh mint leaves.
  • Pink Señorita: One part tequila, one part grapefruit juice, and a touch of blueberry juice. To garnish it a little bit more, use a fresh sprig of mint or spearmint.


Finally, do not forget to set the moment with pleasant music: violins, mariachi, jazz, or whatever the bride and groom and guests enjoy the most.

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