Guillermo Pharis Presented 2022 Collections in Denver

After the first few months of confusion and many cancellations, the fashion shows and the presentations of the designers’ new collections began to adapt to the new post-pandemic world.

We find numerous stories that reveal the personal struggles of talented fashion designers who faced the pandemic crisis, willing to stand up against all odds. Denver-based Honduran designer Guillermo Pharis is one of them.

It was the time for Guillermo Pharis to return to the scenes. A night full of style and glamor was experienced in Denver, Colorado with the Fashion Runway by designer Guillermo Pharis, where he presented his new unique gowns, which refer to current fashion trends.

Pharis has more than a decade of experience in the field of fashion, and his work has stood out on different runways – from Latinamerica to New York and Asia markets, becoming one of the most important designers today. In addition, Guillermo Pharis is characterized by his great altruistic work, helping vulnerable groups and communities.

The runway hosted by Void Studios was one of the most anticipated social, fashion, and cultural events of the month, as it meant an important return to the face-to-face and the reunion between great friends and colleagues. A night of beauty, fashion, and high-end couture right before the holidays!

“Fashion for me is art, emotion, and sensitivity and it always has to have a meaning and carry a relevant and hopefully always positive message.”, said Guillermo Pharis when asked about his inspiration for fashion.

Guillermo’s new collection of wedding gowns is a breath of fresh air that evokes memories of past times with the intention of transferring them to a current fashion context. The dresses are also conceived with the intention of immortalizing the happiness of the moment, through the fabrics, the timelessness of each design, which offers the possibility of being worn after the big day.

Pharis relocated to Denver in May 2021 in an attempt to escape from the crowded and noisy city and expand his fashion business. He opened his first showroom right away on Speer Boulevard and changed the brand to Guillermo Pharis – to expand the brand to new horizons and be recognized as himself.

The night started at 6:30PM with a nice cocktail hour. The runway started at 8:00PM with Guillermo showing gowns and accessories from his Gia New York collection, followed by the bridal gowns from his Whisper Bridal collection.

Book an appointment now with Guillermo Pharis. He will not only help you create your perfect dress, but he will also guide you through the entire craft-making process of your dress. We know and love our business! Guillermo Pharis has extensive knowledge of fashion design and is happy to make your dream come true.